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When to Varnish

Most people who commission an exterior or public-facing mural assume that it needs an anti-graffiti varnish. Not at all. Mural art deters tagging and graffiti. Murals rarely get tagged because of a culture of respect for the work of other artists...

Studio repaint in workshop Morgan Bicca

Productive Procrastination

As I was plastering a wall in our house yesterday, my husband said to me, “I don’t know how you get so much stuff done.” My best friend calls me “high activation.” I marvel at people who seemingly know me so well can see me so differently than I see...

Mural of the girl in Guatemala

Top five things

Top Five Actions to Take to Move Your Mural Business Forward Next Week Write down your perfect mural project description. What is the subject? Where do you paint it? Who are you working with? Why? Be as specific as possible. That way, when projects...

Morgan Bicca painting Putti Ceiling Square

10,000 Hands

In my head, I have often fancied myself a lone wolf. If I was a musician, I would be the singer-songwriter with my guitar slung over my back, booking my own gigs and loading up my gear at the beginning and the end of the night on my own, wondering...

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